The EFSCA was created in June 1988 from the will of 3 National schools of fire brigade to exchange regularly on the various aspects of the fire-fighters trainings (France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom).

This association, now, groups all National fire-fighter training centres of the 27 countries of the European Community and the 4 countries of the European Trade Association.

The principal aims of the Association are as follows :

1. To provide a forum for formal working relationships among the representatives of Member States of European Union, who have the authority to present the views and opinions of their colleges at national level.

2. To inform and make information available to
the participating States and the European Union in matters concerning education and vocational training (with associated skills, knowledge and understanding), so as to more effectively meet the training and career development needs of personnel engaged in European Services and fire-related safety organisations.

3. To promote and assist research and development.

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Version February 2019

Board Members

Arvid Graeger, Academy leader, Berliner Fire and Rescue Academy, Germany

Hosting Chair – Vice President
Adrian Bralewski, decan, Faculty of Safety Engineering and Civil Protection, Poland

Anna Figueras, Responsible of Research Area of ISPC, Institut De Seguretat Pública De Catalunya, Spain.

Marek Hutter, Lecturer at Fire Service College, Fire Service College Czech Republic.

Outgoing Chairman of EFSCA
Matija Balant, Advisor – Fire School Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia

Incoming Chairman of EFSCA

Secretary of EFSCA
Markus Rauberger, Head of Planning, Berliner Fire and Rescue Academy, Germany

All Members